JioSecurity is an advanced mobile security app for Android and iOS devices powered by Norton Mobile Security. This app helps you with -
  • Protection against digital threats like risky apps
  • Controls to safeguard your online privacy
  • Lost or stolen device recovery when you need it
  • Single subscription for up to 10 mobile devices
You can use Anti-Theft features of JioSecurity through web and SMS to find and protect your lost device -
  • Lock - You can lock your lost device from the JioSecurity website or by sending an SMS
  • Call - You can make a voice call over internet to your iOS device
  • Scream - You can trigger an audible alarm to find your lost device if it is nearby
  • Locate - You can locate your lost device on map or receive co-ordinates of its location through an SMS
  • Sneak Peek - You can take a snapshot using the device's camera to help find your lost device (Not available through SMS)
  • Wipe - You can securely delete all your data and personal information from the lost device
To use the SMS Anti-Theft features, send an SMS to your device in the following format -
  • Lock xxxx
  • Scream xxxx
  • Locate xxxx
  • Wipe xxxx
Where xxxx is the four-digit unique Anti-Theft passcode for your device.
Both SMS-based Anti-Theft and web-based Anti-Theft use the same passcode which is Auto-generated when you register the device. You can change the Anti-Theft passcode by signing in to the Norton Mobile Security with your Jio ID & Password.
SMS Anti-Theft features are available on Android phones only.
The instructions on how to use the SMS Anti-Theft features are also displayed on each of the feature screen along with your passcode.
Learn more about the security app on Jio website.

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