Jio's Got Talent 10 Second Creative Challenge 2020

To Participate in Jio's Got Talent

  • Step 1: Click the snapcode or open Snapchat and scan the code
    Step 2: Unlock the Jio’s Got Talent Lens
    Step 3: Record your 10 second entry & add your Snapchat ID
    Step 4: Add your entry to ‘Our Story’ to submit
Telecom company Reliance Jio has launched a 10-second creative challenge called the Jio’s Got Talent. The telco has partnered with social media platform Snapchat and created a special Snapchat lens for the challenge.

After this they need to caption the recorded video and upload it to ‘Our Story’ on Snapchat. The caption must include their Snapchat or Snapcode username. The most interesting and creative content will get prizes from Reliance Jio.

The challenge is already live and started on January 26. It will run through February 4, 2020. At the end of the contest, one winner will be given a trip to Thailand for two days. Other winners will be awarded with recharges from Reliance Jio.

Meanwhile, the company has launched Voice and Video calling over Wi-Fi service in India. This service allows Jio subscribers to use any Wi-Fi network for Jio Wi-Fi-calling. The calls are claimed to seamlessly switch-over between VoLTE and Wi-Fi without causing any call drops.

Anyone with an active Jio tariff plan and a smartphone that is capable of Wi-Fi Calling is eligible for the Jio Wi-Fi calling feature. Jio Wi-Fi calling is compatible with more than 150 handsets including Android phones and iPhones. Android users can enable it by going to Settings> Wi-Fi Calling > Enable. On the iPhone, you can enable it by going to Settings> Phone.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter defined), the expressions used as shown herein-under shall have the meaning ascribed to them as shown herein-below:
  • 10 second creative challenge is a video contest organized by Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited and made available on Snapchat Application (“Platform”) provided by Snap Camera India Limited (“Snapchat”).

    • “Company” means Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (“RJIL”) and/or any of its affiliates or associates as RJIL may nominate from time to time
    • “Contest Period” shall mean 26-January-2020 to 4-February-2020;
    • “Best Creative Prize” shall mean one (1) month free recharge of RJIL mobile number provided by the Winner to the Company in the process of 10 second creative challenge.
    • “Grand Prize” shall mean a paid couple trip to Thailand subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in Annexure-A
    • “Jio Lens” shall mean such filter made available on the Platform that can be used to create a Video.
    • “Participant” shall mean a (i) user of the Platform; and (ii) subscriber of RJIL, participating in the 10 second creative challenge contest.
    • “Prizes” shall mean (i) Grand Prize; (ii) Best Creative Prizes; and (iii) any other prizes as may be decided by the Company and awarded to the Winner from time to time;
    • “Selected Videos” shall mean such Videos (hereinafter defined) as may be determined by the Company in terms of the Terms and Conditions;
    • “Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions governing the 10 second creative contest, as stated herein in entirety and as may be amended by the Company from time to time.
    • “Winner” shall mean winners of Prizes.

    • Participation and Registration
      • The Participant may participate in the 10 second creative contest by registering on the Platform that may be downloaded from app store for iOS or play store for android. The 10 second creative contest will be available on the Platform during the Contest Period.
      • Any entry for participation in the 10 second creative contest is not transferrable.
      • The Company may, at its discretion, contact the Participant, if required, for any clarifications needed for the information provided, proof of identity and/or eligibility, when contacted by the Company.
      • The Company reserves the right to disqualify any Participant from the 10 second creative contest at its sole discretion, should the Participant at any stage supply untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and/or information.
      • The Participant will have to open the link provided on public advertisements of the 10 second creative contest.
      • When clicking on the link in accordance with the above, Participant(s) will be directed to the Platform and find the Jio Lens.
      • Taking part in the registration process shall be deemed to be acceptance by the Participant to receive promotional messages from the Company or any third party so authorized by the Company.
      • The procedures for registration and participation in 10 second creative contest are subject to the Terms and Conditions stated herein.
    • Charges for 10 second creative contest
      • Downloading the Platform and participating in 10 second creative contest is free of cost, however data charges may apply.
      • In case any Participant registers while roaming in a different circle/zone/country, additional roaming rates may apply.
    • Rules of participant and Winner selection
      • A Participant can participate in 10 second creative contest any time during the Contest Period by creating a creative video using the Jio Lens (“Video”) and uploading it on the Platform.
      • The Video shall be of 10 seconds of duration.
      • The Video shall have a caption including the Participant’s username as is registered in the Platform.
      • The Company may, in its sole discretion decide to consider any criteria including but not limited to (i) originality; (ii) creativity; and (iii) aesthetic value in choosing Winners.
      • The Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Video shall not contain any obscene, racial hatred and other offensive content.
      • The Participant acknowledges and agrees that all rights arising out of the Video shall vest with the Company, including but not limited to all intellectual property rights and any other rights for worldwide and in perpetuity.
      • The Company and/or Snapchat may, at its discretion, decide to publish such Selected Videos on wall of fame in the Platform and/or use such Selected Videos for campaigns, promotions and advertisements in Platform and other applications, platforms, social media websites, handles, pages etc. owned by the Company.
      • The decision of the Company shall be final and binding.
      • Subject to the terms and conditions herein below, the best Video, as determined by the Company, will be awarded with a Grand Prize.
      • Subject to the terms and conditions here in below, during the Contest Period, the Company may decide to award such 100 other Videos with Best Creative Prizes.
      • If a Winner is not a subscriber of telecommunication services of RJIL, such Winner will be led to the process of availing telecommunication services of RJIL.
      • Where the Winner(s) cannot be contacted telephonically or through the Platform; or (ii) after being so contacted, the Winner(s) does not claim the Prize with sufficient proof of identification as such Winner(s), the Prize for such Winner(s) stands forfeited. No further claims by the Winner who could not be contacted or does not claim the Prize, will be entertained and the Company will not be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever to such persons.
      • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company reserves the rights to determine and/or announce the timelines and the methodology of determining Winners from time to time.
      • The Company or Snapchat, as applicable, will rely upon such platform ID as provided by the Participant to contact the Participant and get mobile phone and other information. The Company would solely rely on the information provided by the Participant and will not be liable in case the information provided is not accurate or not correct. For avoidance of doubt, the Company or Snapchat is not responsible to declare any Participant as a Winner and/or award any Prizes if such Participant has registered using a non-mobile phone contact information.
      • The Company reserves the right to offer or withdraw any of the Prize(s) as provided herein-under, at any point of time, including after they have been announced.
      • The Company will use the platform ID used to register by the Participant to identify the Winner of the Prize(s) won, if any. Inability on the part of the Participant to accordingly show or provide the required identification proof could entitle the Company to disqualify the Participant from any winnings, if any.
      • Whilst the Company, as the case may be, shall make all reasonable endeavours to (i) enable Participant(s) to proceed with participation in the 10 second creative challenge (ii) to contact all Winner(s), the Company cannot guarantee contact and the Company, as the case may be, shall, at its sole discretion, be entitled to proceed with the next entitled Participants who are eligible to be Winners under the Terms and Conditions, in case it is unable to successfully contact and communicate with Participant(s)/ Winner(s) in terms hereof.
      • The Company will have no liability to a Participant who is unable to take part in 10 second creative challenge for whatever reason and the Company shall be entitled to disqualify the Participant(s) from the 10 second creative challenge at any time, at the discretion of the Company.
      • The Company further reserves the right to replace at its discretion any Winner(s) who for any reason fails or is disqualified from or unable to participate in the 10 second creative challenge with another Participant eligible to be a Winner, notwithstanding that such Participant may have been previously eliminated from the 10 second creative challenge and each Participant shall agree to collect the Prize(s) as and when required by the Company to do so.
      • If at any point it is determined by the Company that any person has tampered with the Platform, the 10 second creative challenge, or any data / servers / database / etc. related to the 10 second creative challenge, the Company reserves the right at its discretion to revoke or cancel points or winnings of any such Participant and / or initiate litigation as deemed fit and necessary by the Company.
      • Any and all taxes and/or levies applicable on the Prize(s) won by the Winner(s) under the laws of India shall be borne by the Winner(s) and/or relevant sponsors in relation to the relevant Prize(s). The Prize(s) to the Winner(s) shall be subject to deduction of all applicable taxes and levies and subject to the relevant Winner(s) providing the relevant documents as may be prescribed by the Company and/or relevant sponsor and subject to the Winner’s adherence to the applicable conditions, including special conditions, for the purposes of availing the Prize(s).
      • The delivery of any Prize(s), including the terms and conditions applicable thereto, shall be determined by the relevant sponsor thereof. Neither the Company nor the sponsor will be responsible should the Winner(s) refuse to accept and/or be unavailable or incapacitated in any manner whatsoever to accept the Prize(s) as made available.
      • Where any Prize(s) involves a trip to any destination, the travel dates confirmed by the Company will be final and no changes to the same will be accepted. If the Winner or the companion is not available for the confirmed dates, then the Winner will be disqualified and the Prize(s) will be forfeited. The Participant will be required to send attested copies of a valid passport for the Participant and his/ her companion, PAN card of the Participant and any other documents that will be required to arrange for the Participant’s and companions’ visa within the stipulated time.
      • The Winner agrees that the delivery of his/her relevant Prize(s) may be delayed as a result of a delay in submission of documents and/ or any force majeure events which are not within the control of the Company.
      • The Winner hereby agrees that he/ she shall not hold the Company responsible for any delays and/ or disputes and/or claims arising out of any Prize(s) that such Winner may be entitled to, and shall indemnify the Company against any and all such claims.
      • The Winner hereby agree that any in case of any disputes/ claims arising out of any Prize(s), the same shall be addressed directly to the relevant sponsor of such Prize(s) and the Company shall not be held responsible for the same.
      • The Company may refuse to pay winnings or reclaim all sums paid to Winners in the event of any fraud, dishonesty or non-entitlement on the part of any of such Winner(s) to participate in the 10 second creative challenge under the Terms and Conditions.
    • Special Conditions for Prizes
      • The Company shall not be, in any manner, responsible for any decision taken by a Winner to avail any Prize and any consequences arising from the conditions that may be imposed by the relevant sponsors upon such Winner(s).
      • With respect to the Prizes, the special conditions applicable, if any, as notified by the relevant sponsor to the Company, is provided in Annexure A hereto. The Company shall make reasonable endeavours to communicate at Annexure A, such special conditions as may be notified to it by the relevant sponsors from time to time. However, the Company does not guarantee or assure the completeness and accuracy of such special conditions, including any updation or revision thereof from time to time and it shall be the sole responsibility of the relevant Winner(s) to ascertain all conditions pertaining to the Prize won by such Winner directly with the relevant sponsor.
      • In the case of any conflict between any of the special conditions laid out in Annexure A and these Terms and Conditions, the latter shall take precedence and prevail.

    • The Company will not be responsible for any unavailability of the application, server, system or software, break or disconnection or disruption in network connectivity in any manner.
    • In case multiple entries are received from a Participant, the Company has the right to choose the first entry received from that Participant. If multiple entries are received at the same time, then the Company will choose any of the entries received.
    • The Participant acknowledges that all possible issues in 10 second creative contest may not have been identified by the Company and its partners and agrees to hold harmless the Company and its partners for the application, network, process, technical or any other failures. Any losses, injury, discomfort, loss of privacy, inability to participate or any other discomfort of any sort caused to the Participant or the Participant’s property or device shall not be the responsibility of the Company or its partners.
    • It shall not be open for the Participant(s) or any of their representatives to require an audit or verification of process or system adopted by the Company as part of the process of conduct of 10 second creative contest.

    • The Company shall keep all the information (including sensitive personal information) collected from the Participants confidential and shall not share the information so collected with any party, save and except for the purposes of the 10 second creative contest. The Participants hereby agree that the Company may share the information so collected with any third party only for the purposes of the 10 second creative contest in an anonymized manner. Any information shared by the Participant to the Company shall be handled by the Company in terms of the privacy policy of the Company available at

    • The Participant hereby represents that he/she is not under any exclusive contracts with any other third party/ agency or is not under any kind of disqualification under law to enter into an agreement with the Company or its affiliates, as the case may be.
    • The Participant acknowledges that he/she has voluntarily chosen to participate in the 10 second creative contest at his / her free-will and is willing to bear all risk, costs & consequences arising from such participation in the 10 second creative contest.
    • In the event of any fault, misunderstanding or dispute concerning any part of 10 second creative contest, and/or the operation of the telephone system, or the validity of any question or answer options, the decision of the Company shall be final and binding on all Participant(s) and other persons.
    • The Company reserves the right to amend (add, delete or modify) the Terms and Conditions prospectively or retrospectively, at its discretion and without prior notice, in order to improve 10 second creative contest or remedy any issues that occur.
    • The Company has the right at any time to terminate the 10 second creative contest without any prior intimation or notice to the public.
    • If the operation of 10 second creative contest is prevented by an event of force majeure or otherwise, the Company may cancel all or any part of the 10 second creative contest, or take such other decision as it deems fit.
    • If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or part, the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the remainder of the affected provisions shall continue to be valid.
    • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India and the Participant submits irrevocably to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai.
    • The Company is empowered to take a decision on any case not covered by the present Terms and Conditions.
    • The Company is in no manner whatsoever responsible and/or shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any physical injury, death, mental trauma caused to any Participant in any manner whatsoever, in relation to 10 second creative contest.
    • The Participant hereby agrees to indemnify the Company or its affiliates against any claims that might arise from their actions or omissions while participating in 10 second creative contest.
    • The only way to enter 10 second creative contest is through participation as described in Terms and Conditions. There is no other way of entering 10 second creative contest. Any person claiming that he/she can help get you wins for a consideration is defrauding you. Please contact your local police and report this person immediately.


Special Terms and Conditions for Prize sponsored by
  • Destination: Thailand
  • Hotel: 3 Star Category or similar
  • Duration: - 03 nights/04 days
  • The travel periods for which the flight tickets and holiday booking are requested to be made are subject to the availability of the tickets and/or rooms with the said airlines/hotel.
  • com reserves the right to offer an alternate airline, hotel as per the availability of the inventory.
  • The flights for Thailand (to/fro) will be only from these locations Delhi /Mumbai /Hyderabad /Chennai /Kolkata / Bangalore.
  • Holiday package is a combination of flight & land and also includes airport transfers to and fro from Thailand airport.
  • The package does not include: meal, visas, land transfers & guided tours attractions, sightseeing, overseas medical insurance, any other expenses of Personal nature.
  • Customer will have to bear service tax on overall package.
  • Booking once made will be non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. For re-scheduling within the validity period, rescheduling charges will apply and will be borne by the customer.
  • Booking should be done atleast 45days in advance from the date of travel.
  • Travel is not applicable any high season/New Year/Xmas or any other events.
  • Holiday package cannot be clubbed with any other promo code, offer or discount in a single order. This offer cannot be exchanged for any other product or cash. The customer shall not be entitled to compensation, benefits or cash in any form whatsoever in lieu of this holiday package.
  • The holiday package is non-cancelable, non-amendable and non-transferable.
  • All terms & conditions as mentioned on Yatra’s website shall be applicable to the users of this holiday package.
  • Yatra reserve the rights at any time without prior notice to make any changes and all dispute regarding any aspect of this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Gurgaon, Haryana.
  • Yatra reserves the right to change the date as per availability.
  • Grant-of visa is solely on the discretion of the country’s Immigration Authority and Yatra is not responsible for any non-grant of visa to traveler.
  • The customer is requested to strictly follow visa procedures and ensure passport validity of 6 months from date of return. Even for countries which offer visa on arrival, we request you to be get your visa's before departures as it might take too much of your time at the arrival.
  • Yatra does not accept any responsibility for third party services or service providers like hotels, transport, etc.
  • Yatra is only a tour operator and at no time shall Yatra be held responsible for your acts of misdemeanor/omission and your personal affairs. For example, Yatra shall not be held responsible for ensuring the safety of your personal belongings, travel documents, etc. at any time before, during or after the holiday.
  • Yatra will not be held responsible for any misbehavior/damage done by guest while on tour.
  • Yatra cannot and does not guarantee the exactness of any service in the package. For example, photographs of the interiors of the hotel rooms posted on our website have been provided by the respective hotel. Hence, Yatra does not guarantee the visual appeal of your room.
  • We recommend you buy travel insurance at an additional cost through Yatra sales agent before departing for your travel.
  • It shall be solely your responsibility to hold valid travel documents like passports, visas and other statutory clearances like immigration, to enable you to travel on the tour hassle free.
  • As granting or rejecting visas and immigration clearance is the sole prerogative of the concerned sovereign governments, the operator shall neither be responsible in case of non-granting of such documents nor will he be liable for any delay, denial or other related act/omission or for any loss, expense, damage or cost resulting there from. The position in respect of cancellation of tour by client due to non-availability of travel documents would not change only by virtue of the client having applied for such documents through the operator. Even if visas are rejected, the stipulated fees of the operator shall be payable by the client. There will be no refund to the client, or any member of his party, is unable to travel due to the above said reasons. In such cases, the non-refundable deposit paid by the clients shall be forfeited and no claim whatsoever shall be made for the same.
  • These are the sole and complete terms and conditions governing the tour operations, No employee of our company or any agent has the authority to amend, modify or change these conditions, and you are advised to rely on the term ‘as it is’. Yatra reserves the right to change or modify these ‘Terms and Conditions’ at any time without notice.
  • Save and except the ability to determine a Winner, the Company is not responsible or liable in any manner whatsoever for all matters relating to the Prize including availability, eligibility, delivery or any other matters relating thereto or arising therefrom and the sponsor only shall be solely responsible and liable therefor


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