Best GitHub Courses - Certificates Programmes Online To Everyone - [2024] All You Need To Know

Best GitHub Courses & Certificates Programmes Online To Everyone - [2024] All You Need To Know

GitHub has opened its certification programme to the general public. Previously limited to employees and partners, the new programmes include GitHub Foundation, GitHub Actions, GitHub Advanced Security and GitHub Administration certifications.

The company says completing a certification programme will allow users to show up as a GitHub expert. It is also offering free detailed study guides that will help participants with the resources required to prepare for the exam. Upon successful completion, you will get a Credly badge along with a certificate that will help verify your credentials. Here's a quick look at what these programmes have to offer.

GitHub Foundations Certification

Designed for those who are new to the platform, the GitHub Foundations certification introduces learners to the fundamentals of the platform. In this course, you will learn how to use the platform and use core features like branching, merging, commits, repository and project management. The course will also teach you how to contribute to open-source projects and use the markdown feature.

GitHub Actions Certification

This course introduces users to GitHub actions that allow developers to automate their workflows. It will help you learn how to build CD/CD pipelines and manage actions to name a few.

GitHub Advanced Security Certification

Often known as GHAS, the course teaches participants how to secure their code at every stage of the development lifecycle. It is particular to GitHub Enterprise and is designed for developers who want to work on secret scanning, code scanning with CodeQL and dependency management.

GitHub Administration Certification

Last up is the GitHub Administration Certification, which introduces you to the administrative aspect of the platform. Here, you will learn about products, best practices on how to maintain a secure repository and manage sensitive data and security policies to name a few.

These exams are 120 mins long and require participants to solve multiple-choice questions (Image Source: GitHub)

While there are no prerequisites required to complete these certifications, the company recommends applicants get a working knowledge of GitHub and study some learning modules on Microsoft Learn.

GitHub says the exams are 120 minutes long and cost $200, with retakes costing the same amount. The exam involves solving 60 multiple-choice questions. Once completed, GitHub certifications will have a validity of three years.

Also, one may reschedule or cancel their exam up to 48 hours before time. In case you fail the exam, applicants will have to wait 24 hours before they can appear for the exam, following which a 14-day hold will be applicable for every retake. The company also limited the number of attempts you can make for a certification to 5.